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Professional skills training

Soften your hard skills

Now that you can speak English well, it’s time to use it to your advantage. Hone your communication skills and sharpen your tongue with these incredible practical trainings. You won’t just add value to your business, you will create it.

Available as modules or (semi) intensive trainings:

  • Wow your audience / Inspiring presentations
  • Win the win-win / successful negotiations
  • Smooth operator/ effective communication (email, phone and


80% of the price

Our guarantee to add value to your business

We want our prices to be fair and you to get value for money. We know we can deliver, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

This unique service ensures a 100% commitment to quality on our side versus a mere 80% financial commitment from your side.

How much you pay of the remaining 20% depends on your satisfaction, i.e. whether we have proven that the lessons or trainings really are worth your time and money.

We will evaluate it together, but the decision is entirely yours to make. And if we exceed your expectations…

Workshop with managers

An entirely new way of creating lesson plans

Improving grammar and widening your business vocab is not always going to do it for you, if both your business and your needs are very specific.

Through an interactive brainstorm session with all managers involved we get a clear picture of what and how things are to be communicated at your workplace and what’s missing.

Together with you, we change abstract wishes into concrete language needs, which allows us to create lesson plans that fill up the cracks and smoothen your operations.


The international standard for testing your skills

Considered around the world as the best and simplest way to check practical skills, monitor progress and select candidates.

Used by more than 10 000 organizations, with more than 6 million candidates tested per year.

The TOIEC test offers you:

  • a quantifiable standard
  • accurate and consistent scores
  • availability on demand
  • a very reasonable price


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